Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Join Thunderstorm, The Best Blizlike Private Server [NO LONGER]

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Thunderstorm is the BEST private blizlike (blizzard-like) server. 
There are almost no giltches/bugs at all, which is more than demanded for a FREE WoW server. It has also MANY working features that in most cases do not work, such as all battlegrounds working, FULLY working Deathknight quests & the place where they level at first, scripted NPCs + Instances + Raids, 99,9% working spells/talents, working Auction House, and all that kind of stuff that would be normal for retail...

The only bad things that I have encountered until now are: The instance finder does not work (it did for a moment, but not anymore), Northrend is still quite bugged, but is being fixed nearly every day (Northrend is really the only place where there are bugged quests), low population on bad days (that is going to change though, if you just join us), donators are VERY annoying (not own experience)...

So, please join us. Everyone makes a difference, and yes, that means YOU!

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  1. Hi there,
    this is stine1 from Mylot :-)
    I am active on at the moment. The only negative thing is the typo in the name *lol*

    I like your blog. I will link to it on my Facebook/Twitter site for "stine1 plays WoW". :-)!/pages/Stine1-zockt-WoW/112208848849985