Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tip Of The Day - How To Get A Lot Of Gold

May NOT be compatible for the following realms: Warsong Pure, Neltharion, Sargeras, Deathwing, Neltharion
Getting gold (or silver/copper) coins might be a little tricky for newbies (nothing personal) and even more advanced players. But it is TOTALLY different to earn it while on (WoW)Thunderstorm (or other private servers) than retail Blizzard's servers; there won't be as much stuff on the Auction House, and if it is wanted, it is payed VERY well. So...

1. Auction House
Auction House might be a little bit hard to use for a newbies (or even more advanced players), but should be learned to use, as it is crucial for earning money, getting resources (+gear) and most of all; selling and earning lots of golds. You should put almost everything that's green (uncommon) or better (blue, epic, etc...) to the Auction House, that is, if you don't need to disenchant, equip, or use them in any other way. "Just go to the nearest city, ask a guard for direction and get rich!". No... I wasn't joking. It really can happen that easily. On later levels though... selling at the Auction House might turn harder... Don't ask me why...

The best items to sell on the Auction House are "raw materials", such as clothes (Linen Cloth, Woolen Cloth, etc...), herbes, ores + bars, and other things that can be created into something either valuable, or just for getting skill level. Also, the items that you (potentially) create yourself are sometimes great for Auction House, such as bags and especially profession related bags! And... As I already wrote, all green+ items should be put there as well, as they are very valuable for someone who wants to level his/her enchanting skill, or just want's to equip them.

EXTRA TIP: Epics sell like crazy on the Auction House, especially weapons. Depends on the realm.

2. Professions
Like in retail WoW, crafting professions can earn you a LOT of gold if the skills are leveled to maximum, or at least to a high level. However, this will not help you a lot if you are a beginner -> you won't even need a lot of gold. 

IF  you are a beginner and you have only small level chars, then you CAN choose 1 or 2 crafting professions, but I do NOT suggest it, as it will take a long time to level the char to a point where you can level your skills, and you will only lose money in the part time. In this case I SUGGEST that you pick 1 or even two gathering professions, as even though they aren't as fun, they sure bring A LOT of money. Of course, you can still pick whatever professions you want and still earn a lot of gold...

3. Doing Quests
No, I am not crazy; Quests are the main source where the virtual money comes from, and for that reason, it is important that you participate as well. Doing just regular quests when leveling (and after dinging 80) is a great way to earn the little that you need for spells and others (and make A LOT of money after you hit 80), but later on, the Daily Quests will be almost better than farming mobs for valuable drops, crafting, gathering and other stuff, because after you ding lv 80, you get extra gold (for not getting experience no more) for each quest you complete and you can do them every single day!!! Unfortunately, some dailies/other quests don't work. In that case, please report it to the Bug Tracker (need to have at least 50 forum posts)


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