Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Addon Reviews - Congratz

Congratz (For 3.3.5) -Download

"This is an Ace3 based addon to avoid constantly typing "gratz"."
The World of Warcrafters
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  • Automatically responds when players in your guild earn an achievement.
  • Randomly picks a message from a user customizable message table.
  • Has a configurable random delay between the achievement notification and response.
  • Supports variables within messages.


All configuration is done via the /congratz [option] slash command.
show - displays the current addon configuration.
add - adds a new message to the table.
delete - removes the message corresponding to that number.
group - sets the message to be shown if multiple people earn a gratz.
delay - sets the range for random delay (1 or more seconds).
This options list can also be seen in game by typing /congratz.
When creating your messages, you can use the following variables which will automatically be replaced by congratz.
      #N - the name of the player receiving the congratulations.

For example:
/congratz add Congratulations, #N!


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