Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Download And Install ANY 3.3.5 Addon (Molten-WoW)

This "How To Get And Install ANY Addon (Molten-WoW)" tutorial is made especially with Molten-WoW in mind, but supports every other 3.3.5 WoW server as well (both retail and private).

  • Mac/PC that can run WoW
  • WoW Installed
  • Enough space on your hard drive (normally 0,1MB-30MB)
  • An internet connection
  1. Go to -> WoW Addons
  2. Choose an addon
  3. Click either "" or "" (depending on the addon)
  4. Click "File"
  5. Choose the correct version
  6. Download it
  1. Go to our "Addons For 3.3.5"
  2. Click "Download" next to any addon you want to download
  1. Decompress the .zip file (UnrarX (Mac) and/or StuffitExpander (PC)
  2. Move the folder to World of Warcraft > Interface > AddOns (please read the end of the tutorial on crucial information concerning this phase)

Finding good addons worth downloading:
This one is easy, just go to our "Addons For 3.3.5" page from the menu bar or click here. You can also go here for some addon reviews I have done or go here ( and check out the most popular ones (you usually can't download the addons directly from there....).

If you find a good one on first go to "Other Downloads" and check if there is an older file of the addon that supports your game client version (in case you play on a private server that DOESN*T support the latest retail patch).
 If you can't find it there, chances are it might be elsewhere. In that case, just go to "Development Site" and it will bring you either to or to

There you will be able to navigate to "Files"

...and then choose the appropriate file (that supports your patch, 3.3.5)

...and download it.

How To Install

You must have downloaded the addons manually. Then go to "Downloads" (or wherever your downloads usually go) and open them with UnrarX (Mac) and/or StuffitExpander (PC).

ATTENTION!!! Be sure to check the addon folders after decompressing; there might me one folder too much 

(for example): QuestHelper 3.3.5 (folder)>QuestHelper (folder)>QuestHelperlua

It should be: QuestHelper (folder)>QuestHelper.lua

In the first case, move ONLY the second folder to the Addons folder.

Now, all that is left for you to do is to move the files to the World of Warcraft (folder)>Interface (folder)>Addons (folder) and you're done!

If you have anything more to add, please do so by commenting this post or by 
sending an email to:

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