Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tip Of The Day - Which Faction To Choose

Ok, so this one is quite an important factor in the way that you are going to play. Read below to see why:
Les factions

  1. Players can only speak (comprehesible language) to others members of their faction (Horde/Alliance)     [I wrote "comprehensible language, as for example if an Alliance char says "lol in human language, Hordes will understand it as "bur"]
  2. Players can only be friends (in WoW) with other members of their faction (Horde/Alliance)
  3. Players CAN kill members of the OPPOSING faction (Hordes kill Alliance/Alliance kills Horde)
  4. etc...
So... You see? If for example a friend of your's plays on an Alliance character, then the only way to really play with him is to roll an Alliance character yourself. Then later on, you can both make Horde characters and play on them (optional).

Now... Some important factors on Molten-WoW:
  1.  Players have noticed that level 80 Alliance players gank a lot more lowbies (low level characters) than what level 80 Horde players do. I too have noticed this, and therefor, advise you to roll an Alliance character if you DON'T want to be ganked, or to roll a Horde character if you don't like the way Alliance players act want to teach them a lesson.
  2. Esthetics do matter, don't let anyone tell you the differ: You won't enjoy playing WoW if the looks of your character doesn't please you. Therefor, you might have to roll an/a Alliance/Horde character if you don't like the looks of the races of the opposite faction

No, really. I am going to continue this post in about 5-30min. I just HAD to go get some ice-cream ;D

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