Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addon Reviews (3.3.5)

Please check out the complete list of addons HERE
Addon Reviews
(All of the addons are 3.3.5 compatible-->Molten-WoW compatible)
  1. Addon Control Panel - Let's you manage your addons in-game without needing to re-log.
  2. Altoholic - The "all in one" alt management addon.
  3. Atlas - Provides detailed maps for every instance (including battlegrounds) in the game.
  4. AtlasLoot Enhanced - Provides you with loot drops for all instances in the game.
  5. AtlasQuest - FunUpdate - Provides information concerning every quest for every instance (including battlegrounds) in-game.
  6. AutoRepair -Automatically repairs all of your gear when you go talk to an NPC capable of doing that.
  7. Bejeweled - Bejeweled (a game), now for WoW!
  8. ChatMOD - A universal chat enhancement for WoW.
  9. Congratz - A configurable addon that automatically congratulates your guild members for achievements (/g congratz). It can be customized.
  10. Crap Away - Automatically sells all of your "grey items" when you go talk to a an NPC (Non Playable Character) capable of doing that.
  11. Critline - Tracks your highest critical hits of all your abilities/spells and heals.
  12. GearScoreLite - A lightweight addon that shows your's and your targets' gearscores.
  13. Global Positioning System (GPS) - Let's you find specific locations with coordinates.
  14. Healbot Continued - Best* Raid Healer UI addon
  15. IceHUD - A UI addon that keeps you focused on the center of the screen.
  16. Minimap Button Frame - Gathers all of your addon minimap buttons into one movable frame.
  17. OneBag3 - A bag frame remake that makes all of your bags into one.
  18. OneBank3 - A bang bag remake that makes all of your bank bags into one.
  19. Peggle - Peggle, now on WoW (a game)!
  20. Postal - An enhanced in-game mailbox support.
  21. QuickMark - Raid target icon addon.
  22. Quartz - A casting bar remake.
  23. Tidy Plates - A remake of Blizzards original name plates.
  24. WIM - A World of Warcraft "Instant Messenger".
  25. WorldExplorer - Shows you all the non-explored areas on your map.
  26. XLoot - A nice looking loot frame remake.
  27. Zoom!!! - Zoom!!! makes your UI load faster.

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