Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leveling Talent Builds, Now For ALL Of The Classes

Now, there are leveling talent builds for ALL classes! Yes, even warriors and priests NEW! Check out the new Leveling Talent Builds + Tips For All Classes (3.3.5)!

Note, that not all of the addon builds are ready*, but all of them have the talent build for leveling.

I will also be making new options alongside those already listed, as for example: 
  1. 20/51/0 Enchancement(/Elemental) Shaman leveling talent build for 3.3.5...
  2. NEW!!! 57/14/0Elemental(/Enchancement) Shaman leveling talent build for 3.3.5...
  3. NEW!!! 17/54/0 An altrernative Enchancement(/Elemental) Shaman leveling talent build for 3.3.5...

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