Monday, May 30, 2011


"On this "post" (I can only have 11 pages simultaneosly) I will put links for all of the videos that I post on the internet, both on YouTube and other places"
-The World of Warcarfters


"How To" Videos
  1. How To Vote (Molten-WoW) / [HERE on YouTube]
  2. How To Use Points Shop (Molten-WoW) / [HERE on YouTube]
Molten-WoW Website Features Videos

"Video Addon Reviews"

  1. Video Addon Reviews - AutoRepair/Crap Away (Molten-WoW) / [HERE on YouTube]

Machinima Videos

  1. Gamon: The Movie Teaser [Official] / [HERE on YouTube] 

Molten-WoW "Random"
  1. Molten-WoW Hallow's End Event [HD] / [HERE on YouTube]  NEW!!!

-WoWThunderstorm - Armory (WoWThunderstorm is no longer updated on The World of Warcrafters)

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