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[WoW] Addon Reviews - GearScoreLite (For 3.3.5)

"Geascore is a 'score' based
on one's gear.  It is popular amongst PuGs"
-The World of Warcrafters

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What does it do?
It is the light version of the popular WoW addon called GearScore (also known as PlayerScore). It gives you a gearscore, or often refered to simply as "gs", of character, or any player that you point at with your cursor.

Just mouse-over someone and it will give you his/her gearscore in this frame (blizzard's original frame in my case).

We like:
  • its lightweightness
  • its ease of use
We dislike:
  • the use of gearscore itself (refer to this)the use of gearscore itself (refer to this)
  • its lack of GUI

Some hate it, others love it. Even though there are many sad stories that make me and other players just want the addon gone (as seen here), it does have its positives as well. For one, it does make it a lot faster and easier to distinguish the low geared from high geared players, which in turn makes it faster and easier to organize capable raids and other grouped up PVE content.

One of the main complaints against the addon is the ease of tricking the system by equipping any high item level gear even if it is not suitable for your class or spec, but if that's the case, it will probably show in the person's dps/healing/tanking capabilities. This is why raids should not be organized solely based on gearscore.

Here is an opinion piece from a person against gearscore:
"Last week, i was able to get into a ICC 10 group for the first time. They were nice and while I was in the middle of raid, I had a tell from someone who wanted me to drop them to join their 25m ICC group.I stayed with the 10m of course, but felt good that I was finally on my path to FINALLY do larget content. I made adjustments to my gear by removing all my pvp items and replacing it with regular gear, no matter what the gear score. My dps improved dramatically. I was pulling 8-9k on mobs.  
I was estatic.
So here I am last night, with the reset, hoping to get into another 10m.

I get this:

"Sorry, your gear sucks".

And here is the kicker.

That person was in the same raid I successfully did last week.

Now my gear score is lower, because previously, I had high level PvP gear on. Because I was told on these forums that gear score really don't matter and I should focus on stats, which I did. i went from 300 haste, to nearly 700. Lower gear score, but higher haste and spell power.

Gear score is sooooo frustrating. I wish they did away with it.

K, I'm done QQing.
Someone pass me a tissue."
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