Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Addon Reviews - Tidy Plates (3.3.5)

"A nice change to the original WoW name plates.

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An un-targeted red* name-plated  mob

A targeted red* name-plated mob

red* -> a mob that will attack you when you enter a specific "aggro radius"

What does it do?
Tidy Plates is perfect for all WoW aspects, including PvP (Battlegrounds, Arenas and World PvP), PvE (Raids, Dungeons, Solo [leveling?]). It not only makes the nameplates (floating health bars) smaller and easier to manage, but also a lot prettier. It also provides a built-in API that can be used to create your completely unique and own design.

It's esthetic side is pretty obvious (I hate those bulky default nameplates), but this AddOns true function is in heavily populated action packed encounters, such as 10-25man Raids and Battlegrounds. It makes targeting that enemy healer in the middle of all those 

This AddOn does have quite many plugins, but one MUST HAVE is the Threat Plates one. It shows you different enemies' nameplates with different colors depending on wether they are targeting you or not.

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