Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Event - Looking For New Writers

Even though the The World of Warcrafters has been doing well with only one writer, TheOnlyTrueWriter (also known as TheWoWcrafters), we would like to expand it by either getting new writers (blogger allows this to be done easily enough), or by linking other blogs to this one as "columns" (check the definition here). There is also the option to do both: you, our potential new writer, make a blog, which will be linked on every our blog post made by you :P
What we are looking for:
  • Competent writers who are interested in this blog's main theme, Molten-WoW (or WoW/private servers in general)
  • Already existing blogs whose writers want to increase their traffic (linking the blog back and forth)
  • Competent video makers (for our YouTube channel)
What we would need YOU to do:
  • Write guides about either Molten-WoW, or WoW in general (3.3.5)
  • Write class specific guides
  • Report Molten-WoW bugs, either to us, to the readers through the blog, and/or on the website's "Bug Tracker" page
  • Other
  • ALSO, we are looking for new videos for our YouTube channel. Whether they are humoristic, pvp or pve, we take it (we will first review the video(s) and then decide if it represents us). If you want, we can link it to your channel. The reason why you might want to do this is our large audience that would watch your video(s) through our channel and link them to your's. [They can't have been posted on Youtube]
What YOU get from it:
  • Fame (who doesn't want that?)
  • The right to be part of our community
  • Help our readers with the potential guides you make
  • Gain traffic to your own website/blog through our blog (with links)
  • EARN MONEY! (From Google AdSense {your own blog/website}, Ad.Fly {the links to your own blog/website} and through US! {depending on how much you make content for us}. The "US!" part isn't going to be so big right now though...)

If you are interested:

Please comment!
( that you finally can)


  1. Hey, i could write a guide on protection warrior PvP for 3.3.5a patch, for this blog. If you're interested, tell me, i'm Questing, from the guild :)

  2. Sure :D Just send it to when it's ready :D