Wednesday, July 27, 2011

100th Blogpost!!!

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It's been a long way since our first blogpost and all I would like to do is to thank YOU, our beloved readers, for your continuous support. 

Even though this "blog" was created somewhere in May 2009, it's first blogpost dates back from Tuesday, 6th July, 2010. However, it's "true beginning" was only as close as Wednesday, 25th May, 2011 (as weird as it may sound, no blogpost was posted that day). We used to get maybe 60 visitors per month, and suddenly after that specific day day, we would get hundreds of them in a day (our record is 600 visitors, new and returning ones), and the numbers would just grow. We believe the main reason for our "success" are our Leveling Talent Builds & Guides that we posted around those days (10 days before for the most part, 2 days after for 2 of them).

Content for the 100th blogpost:
  1. Completely redesigned website (/blog). Go HERE for a more accurate list on what has been changed.
  2. A new writer, Clovis + his blog (column=), Owlkin Frenzy, "A Moonkin-Blog". He will be our "partner" from now on.
  3. Lots of updated content: Many of our Leveling Talent Builds/Guides have been greatly enhanced (I've had a very poor internet connection, so they have been under A LOT of work) + the other content has been fixed in the best way we could.
  4. Lots of new content: New GuidesTalent Builds/Guides, Addon Reviews, Tutorials.
  5. Completely new navigation system: Multi Level Drop Down Menu Bar / Featured Content Slider
1.This part takes the most time, work and effort from us, so we hope that it pleases you at least more than the old one. Go HERE for a more accurate list on what has been changed. NOT READY YET!
2. Clovis, our new Moonkin writer, is a fellow player on Molten-WoW

Yes, I know. We have a lot of "NOT READY YET!" content, but you should look at it from our point of view; we are on vacation, and I am currently the only one doing anything (even with the crappiest internet connection I have ever seen).

We will keep on doing special posts on every hundredth blogpost (200th, 300th, 400th, etc), but also on our anniversaries (counting from 25th May, 2011, not May 2009). Let's just hope we will make it that far ;)

TheWoWcrafters is a website "For Players, By Players". It contains a lot of useful information; guides/tutorials/talent builds. It supports not only Molten-WoW (the best and leading WoW/World of Warcraft {best and leading MMORPG} private server), but all other 3.3.5(a) private servers.

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