Saturday, August 20, 2011

Captured Flame - Non-Combat Pet Reviews: 3,5/5

This "Non-Combat Pet Review" is made for Molten-WoW, 
but supports all 3.3.5 WoW servers (private).

On retail (Blizzard servers/realms) it is only obtainable during the Midsummer Fire Festival seasonal event from the event seller. It's price is 350x [Burning Blossom]s.

ON MOLTEN-WOW, it is ALSO available in the Points Shop for 1 vote point. 
NOTE: It can still be obtained the "normal way".

Captured Flame is loved by some, but disliked by others. It depends on YOU, your in-game character, and your taste wether or not you will like it. For some; it is simply too small. Because a screenshot is not enough to describe it, here below is a video.

"The Spirit of Summer one of the few minipets in the game that is treated as an actual summon. Because of this, you will see the words "You perform Summon Spirit of Summer" within your combat log if you use the item." - WoWWiki

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