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How To Play World of Warcraft For Free!

"This page is exclusively made for those who would want to play WoW (World of Warcraft), but don't want/can't afford it's monthly payments (+game itself +additional content), want to feel ."

Links (in order): 


  • A Mac/PC that can run WoW (check here if your's can)
  • World of Warcraft itself -> 
Mac: (click here on how/where to download patch here)      
PC: (click here to download it as a torrent)
OR (both) download the trial from here (works as full client) check here for tutorial on how to (YouTube video)
  • A working internet connection

Some Information You Need To Know Before Starting
  1. WoW=World of Warcraft
  2. MMORPG=Massively Online Role Playing Game
  3. Private Server-->A privately owned WoW (in this case) server = NOT owned by Blizzard
  4. Client-->The software itself
  5. Patch-->Like an update
  6. Realm≠Server
  7. realmlist-->It's what makes the client connect to the private server, or Blizzards normal realms if not changed from default.

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So, you want to play WoW (World of Warcraft), the most popular MMORPG ever, but can't afford, or don't want to pay it's outrageous monthly fees. Then you came to the right place! This post will give you step by step information on how to play WoW for free!

Get The Client

For playing World of Warcraft for free, you will need the client (the actual application). This is achievable by using (a) friend's/own disc(s), or by downloading it from the internet (this is completely legal, since Blizzard gives away their client for free at their official website). For downloading it from internet, go here for Windows computers, and here for Macs OR here for both LEGALLY (it is the "trial", but is actually the full client) . Unfortunately, there is no client for Linux. However, it is possible to play WoW (Molten-WoW) even on a Linux computer. For a guide on how to, go here:

You Got The Client, Now What?

Now that you have downloaded/installed the client, DON'T patch it to it's latest patch (except if you want to play on a private server that supports the same patch as retail, Blizzard servers, do)! This also means that you CAN NOT use the World of Warcraft Launcher, but you have to use worldofwarcraft.exe for Windows and Word of Warcraft (.app). For finding the worldofwarcraft.exe on Windows --> , and the World of Warcraft (.app) for mac --> .


For patching you client without the risk of "over patching" it, you can simply download a patch that will patch your client until that certain patch. However, you will need to download/install the patches in the following order:


3.2.0 World of Warcraft (Universal Patch)
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.2.0a World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.2.2 World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.2.2a World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.3.0 World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.3.0a World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.3.2 World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.3.3 World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

3.3.3a World of Warcraft
The Patches Scrolls - Patches

2shared - download
The Patches Scrolls - Patches (See notes if broken)

2shared - download
The Patches Scrolls - Patches (See notes if broken)

For example; There's a private server that supports WoW client 3.3.5(a) only (such as Molten-WoW), so download and install all the patches in order.

Choosing A Private Server

For playing WoW for free, you will need to choose a private server where to play. For picking one of the most popular ones (higher realm population), go to:, or They themselves aren't private servers, but lists of the most popular private servers. The "best" private servers are 

Choice n°1: Molten-WoW
Molten-WoW is the leading (n°1) and best WoW (World of Warcraft) private server to support 3.3.5a and Cataclysm 4.0.6+. It has 8 realms (3.3.5a): Sargeras and Ragnaros (20x), Neltharion and Deathwing (12x), Frostwolf (3x), Lordaeron (1x), Warsong Pure PVP (instant lv 80 PvE content is disabled) and of course the new one (4.0.6+): Greymane (5x). The player caps of the realms are currently uknown. However, most of the realms used to have a player cap of 4000.

*It has less bugs/glitches/exploits/cheats/"haxers"(hackers) than ANY other private server. It has also the most complete WoTLK (Wrath of The Lich King) content, especially end-game (raids, instances and battlegrounds).*

*Molten-WoW's first Cataclysm realm is called Greymane and was launched at 18:00pm realm time on the 1st February 2012. It currently supports all wow client versions between 4.0.6a and 4.3.0 (watch out for 4.3.2), however, it only has 4.0.6a content.

Choice n°2: WoWThunderstorm [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]
WoWThunderstorm is for players, who want a Blizzard kind of gameplay (Blizzlike server), but don't want to pay for it. WoWThunderstorm has a 3x Exp gain, which is totally balanced in the gameplay --> less time leveling, more having a good time, but not too fast leveling. And the best thing about it is that it supports 3.3.5 but NOT 4.0 etc... This means that you can still play in Azeroth BEFORE Cataclysm. Thunderstorm IS soon going to support also Cataclysm.

Getting Ready To Play

For playing on a private server, you will still need to do a few simple things. If you have already patched your client to the same one that the private server (that you are going to use) requires, then all you have to do is register at the private server's homepage (, and change your realmlist. It is also possible to download their own launcher for not having to change the realmlist, but I don't suggest this, as the client can contain viruse, malware and othe malicious software.

For Registering On A Private Server
Go to the private server's homepage and just click "register" (normally close to the login), and proceed by giving all the required information. I do suggest you giving true information instead of false ones, but this is up to you. One example of private server's homepage: Molten-WoW.

For Changing Realmlist
For changing the realmlist, go to this page which has a detailed step by step tutorial on the matter.


You Can Finally Go And Play WoW For Free!!!
Now all you have to do is open the client (worldofwarcraft.exe on Windows and World of Warcraft (.app) on Mac), enter your login information that you got from registering and start playing! Remember to vote for the private server you use as it will (in most cases) give you the possibility to purchase "vote rewards" which can be gear, weapons, money, mounts and other cool stuff. It will also get more people to play on the server, which is ALWAYS positive, even with the queues (like on Molten-WoW). [The queues can be skipped by doing a 7£ (approximately 8,4€, 12$) one time donation <- this will also give you "Molten coins" which can be used in many ways, like getting gear, character real transferring, etc...]

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