Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sinister Squashling - Non-Combat Pet Reviews: 3/5

This "Non-Combat Pet Review" is made for Molten-WoW, 
but supports all 3.3.5 WoW servers (private).

On retail (Blizzard servers/realms), it is only obtainable during the Hallow's End seasonal event as a drop from the Headless Horseman or with a [Treat Bag] or a [Crudely Wrapped Gift].

ON MOLTEN-WOW, it is available in the Points Shop for 5 vote points. 
NOTE: It CAN be obtained the "normal way" as well.

Sinister Squashling does certainly not look bad, but doesn't go so well with most other than Halloween decorated  environments (?+ Undercity?) and outfits. Its dance looks quite great, though (see video below).

"Its leg-like roots collapse and it looks like a Jack-o-lantern during its idle animation." - WoWWiki 

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