Monday, August 29, 2011

Vote for our future website template!

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1. iVideoGames - Preview

2. MMO-Star - Preview

3. World of Warcraft - Preview

As any person having ever seen this website realizes, its design needs to be worked hard time. Don't worry though, we have heard your cries of pain and anger - change is on the way. After long thoughts, our crew decided it wouldn't be worth the money for a 75$ customization by a professional, but we didn't want to make one ourselves neither, since we all know how it always ends up - like this.
So, we decided to get a free blogger template. However, it's not because they are free that it would be any easier; we had to scour through the endless hordes of incredibly bad quality templates, until we ended up with two pretty good ones.
We still have one little problem; we cannot decide which one to take. Since we are doing this all for YOU, our readers, so we thought that  YOU should also decide which template we will use.

ATTENTION!!! We certainly appreciate your votes, but the ultimate decision over the two templates remain our's.

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