Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frostwolf Realm Offline 15.09.2011 ( - Maintenance (Molten-WoW)

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The one and only Frostwolf (Molten-WoW) realm was offline today (maybe still is - depending on when you read this NOT anymore). Do not worry though, it is only in order for the Molten-WoW crew to  maintenance --> Frostwolf is finally getting rid of the horrible lag problem?

If you want to read more about Frostwolf's lag problem, go read our columnist's (Clovis) blogpost on that matter:

We have our reasons to believe that Frostwolf will be given the same upgrades as it's cousins, Neltharion and Deathwing:

Here is a quick preview of what will be fixed during the maintenance:

  1. A fix for spell casting structure will be applied. This eliminates redundant code that was known to cause additional stress and could cause delays for abilities, spells and other player actions. This is directly related to players reporting delay in their actions.
  2. An optimization to spell casting structure will be applied to make necessary corrections in the code responsible for player actions including spell casting, using abilities etc.
  3. Restrictions to GearScore (<-- ROFL!) update interval will be implemented to limit the stress that the addon causes to the server. This is especially important considering the addon's popularity within the community.

Please consider following recommendations before evaluating performance:

  • Low-end computers may cause poor gaming performance.
  • Poor internet connection will cause lag at densely populated areas such as capital cities and raids.
  • Addons may interfere with performance of your gameplay performance.
  • Downloading or uploading files while playing online will affect your performance.
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