Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lich King Is Now Available & Downed (Molten-WoW)

Lich King, the merciless dictator of Northrend is now finally available as an ICC boss encounter on all Molten-WoW realms (Molten-WoW is the best and leading WoW private server - 3.3.5). He was launched as scripted and fixed (note: it might get some more fixes with future updates) on the 31th of August, 2011. These news don't stop here though; Crysis, an Alliance PVE oriented guild on Neltharion defeated him right away as the first ones on their realm, but also on the whole private server.

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If you would like to see the thread in which it was first announced (with photo), go here.
If you would like to see the video of them downing him, go here.

Some of you might be asking yourselves;
"What is so special about Lich King being launched? He was available ages ago on retail (and many other WoW private servers), and now Cataclysm has been around for quite a while (again on many other WoW private server)."
My response: Yes, you are right, but "better late than never", right? I mean... The amount of work needed for scripting one boss encounter is HUGE. Blizzard has hundreds (if not thousands) of professional and well paid developers for this, while Molten-WoW only has from 5 to 20 of 'em, and even though they might be just as professional, they aren't paid a dime!
Now... About those famous "other WoW private servers": There is a reason why Molten-WoW is the best and leading WoW private server overall, and that is not because it takes Cataclysm as fast as possible on it's realms as a crappy thing that is all but good content (because it doesn't), since Molten wants to deliver good quality gaming experiences for their players, and that is why they have more around 20,000 players online at all times (spread on 6 different realms, all supporting 3750 players). Now crappy, buggy, laggy, content missing Cataclysm wouldn't be good quality content, now would it?

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