Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lurky's Egg - Non-Combat Pet reviews: 3,5/5

This "Non-Combat Pet Review" is made for Molten-WoW, 
but supports all 3.3.5 WoW servers (private).


How to get (retail):

"This item is available only to European players who bought the Collector's Edition of the Burning Crusade expansion pack, where they were given as compensation for a mistake with the Nether Whelp pets.
Unlike the pets from the Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft, the Lurky's Egg item is attached and sent to all your characters, present and future, in the mail as soon as upgrade your account. You must retrieve Lucky's Egg from the mail within 30 days of upgrading (for existing characters) or character creation (for new characters) for each character, or that character's Lurky's Egg is lost."

More helpful info:
There are (currently) three limited availability baby murloc Companions; Murky (blue), Gurky (pink), and Lurky (white).

(There are also green, orange and purple skins for baby murlocs in the game files.)

ON MOLTEN-WOW, it is available in the Points Shop for 5 vote points. 
NOTE: It can NOT be obtained the "normal way".

Lurky is definitely one of the "best looking" non-combat pets in WoW, but most like it for it's rareness (in retail that is).

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