Saturday, November 19, 2011

Molten-WoW Trailer Videos (Collection)

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"This blogpost will contain a list of all the Molten-WoW trailer videos our crew has stumbled upon on YouTube or any other online video streaming website."

Since there didn't seem exist such lists before, we decided that we would make one, so people could easily watch the ones they want from one place.

NOTE: All of the "~x views" are as of 1.2.2012 (

 Molten-WoW Trailers:

  1. Molten WoW Trailer - by moltengaming
    ~106k views [Official]
  2. Molten WoW Promotional Trailer - by WoWAnodyne
  3. Molten-wow, private server with 20000 players! - by TheKrotar
  4. Molten WoW Promo Trailer - by Serainis
  5. Molten WoW - by wtgme
  6. MOLTEN-WOW is the best [WOTLK] - World of Warcraft - by TheZejrus1
  7. Molten WoW new trailer - hollowpres
  8. Molten WoW - Revel1011

If you would like to add any videos to this list (to get more views on your videos, or just for fun), simply comment this video, or send us an email to

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