Saturday, December 10, 2011

[PVE] Death Knight - Blood Tank Spec [Not Hit Capped] (3.3.5)

Death Knight
This spec / talent build is for level 80 Death Knights and the 3.3.5(a) version of World of Warcraft

Blood Death Knight tanks are actually one of the hardest tank spec to play correctly in WoW, and most think that for example Frost tanks are better Blood tank, but that depends on many different factors.
What makes Blood Death Knights so great at tanking are their self-heal abilities that help especially in situations where the healer is crowd control'd, dead or otherwise uncapacitated.

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Blood Tank Talent Build / Spec (3.3.5)
[Not Hit Capped]

The "hit cap" for Blood Death Knight tanks is 263 hit rating, or about 12,5%.
You will gain hit cap from both gear and buffs (and debuffs on your target), but also talents, as in the talent build above.

If you cannot get to that minimal 263 physical special and auto-attack hit cap, you will need to use this talent build in order to get as close to the hit cap as possible.

NOTE: This is not an actual "guide", but more of a simple spec. Hopefully I will have enough time to expand it into a larger and content richer guide later on.

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