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Addon List (WoW 3.3.5)


Addon Reviews (3.3.5)3.3.5 "Must Have" Addons

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(These can all be found on either or Even for some part)

Things to know:
MUST HAVE! : Part of the "Must Have 3.3.5 Addons" list.
MUST HAVE!* : A must have, but for a certain kind of players.
NEW : Has been recently added OR updated.
DOESN'T WORK!!! : Doesn't work, or has been reported to cause problems.
AddonName* : Has got an addon review. Just click the name of the addon to get to it.
Download : A direct download link for the addon that it is next to.
  1. Addon Control Panel* Download - A MUST HAVE! for anyone who uses addons, as it lets you manage them in game, without having the need to log out and in again. Addon Control Panel will help you deal with the "Clutter" that multi-part addons and libraries introduce by displaying your addons in logical arrangements. Definitely my FAVORITE addon!!!
  2. Altoholic* - Download - MUST HAVE! Probably my second favorite addon. It keeps record of all information concerning all your chars (+ guildes) in one addon (mail, items, skills, level, professions, etc).
  3. Atlas* - Download - A MUST HAVE! It gives a map for every instance/battleground in WoW.
  4. AtlasLoot Enhanced* - Download - A MUST HAVE! addon for those who want to gear up doing instances, as it tells you what drops are possible and from which bosses/which instances. "AtlasLoot Enhanced is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game."
  5. AtlasLoot_AdvancedSearch - Download - ???????
  6. AtlasLoot_GearscoreLiteTooltip - Download - Shows items' GearScore(Lite) in AtlasLoot.
  7. AtlasQuest* Download - AtlasQuest is an addon for Atlas that displays a list ofquests for each dungeon, battleground and outdoor raid along withinformation and rewards for those quests.
  8. AtlasQuest Helper - Download - Helps with AtlasQuest
  9. Auctioneer - Download - VERY useful when using the Auction House <-- makes it A LOT easier.
  10. AutoGratz - Download - Automatically says Gratz! to people in your guild or party that say ding, guild mates that get an achievement, or people that whisper ding to you.
  11. AutoRepair* Download - A MUST HAVE! for anyone that even sometimes needs to repair his gear (everyone)
  12. Bartender4 - Download - A highly customizable action bar addon. Some think it's the best one around.
  13. Bejeweled* - Download - A pretty nice addon for long wait times (queues for BGs, flights, resurrection waits) -> It's a puzzle game
  14. Carbonite Download - A pretty nice addon for doing quests. Some hate it and some love it. ( I myself haven't tested it out yet :S) Kind of like QuestHelper
  15. ChatMOD* Download - Makes chatting so much easier, go see a review here.
  16. Chess - Download - Chess as a WoW addon. What would you want more?
  17. Classloot Download - Provides rating for all raid loots with respect to it's suitability for different class/specs combinations.
  18. Congratz* - Download- A addon that automatically congratulates (gratz) anyone in your guild when they earn an achievement. You can configurate the different congratulations it uses and also one for times when several guildies (guild members) earn an achievement at the same time or close to each other.
  19. Cooldowns Download - A pretty nice addon that gives you the cooldown time of abilities as a timer (5,4,3,2,1 for example)
  20. Crap Away* Download - A  MUST HAVE! for anyone who even once needs to sell gray items to a vendor (everyone)
  21. Critline* Download - A useful addon that keeps track of your minimal and maximal damage done by every spell/ability you use. It can also be configurated NOT to track some specific abilites/spells/items used in quests for example.
  22. Deadly Boss Modes - Download - It gives information on how fast you killed a Boss in an instance/raid.
  23. Fishing Buddy - Download - A fishing addon that keeps track of the fish you catch and helps manage your fishing gear.
  24. Gatherer Download - A MUST HAVE!* for anyone who has mining/herbalism and wants to actually put them to good use
  25. Gearscore  Download DOESN'T WORK!!! DON'T actually download this, as it might give you errors and doesn't work! Download "Gearscore Lite" instead (below).
  26. GearScoreLite* Download - A MUST HAVE! for level 80 PVE (and PVP) players, as it gives you your, and anyone's elses gearscore in such a simple way that I prefer it to Gearscore/Playerscore (the "full" version)
  27. Global Positioning System (GPS)* - Download - It let's you easily find a location (quest/mob/meeting point) with coordinates. It shows you the way with sword.
  28. GTFO - Download - A nice addon for those that accidentally sit down on fire (in other words, it warns you in situations where you are going to lose health due to being in fire).
  29. GuildCheck - Download - This mod scans your guild at your first login. After this it writes changes of your guild into the chat at every login. You can see who left or joined your guild since your last time online.
  30. GuildGreet Extended - Download - Guild Greet is an addon that keeps track of main and alt characters in your guild and reminds you to greet them and congratulate them on level up. You can also store an alias for your guildies.
  31. Guild2Guild - Download - Enables full functioning communication between 2 or more guilds. Two users are required to have this addon for it to work (1 in each guild), however only 1 user per guild is required to have Guild2Guild for all members of both guilds to reap the benefits.
  32. GryphonHeart Items - Download -
  33. Healbot Continued* - Download - The best* raid healer UI addon
  34. IceHUD* - Download - A healthbar addon that keeps your focus in the center of the screen.
  35. Mage Nuggets Download - Mage Nuggets is a utility with many useful nuggets to make the lives of mages easier.
  36. MikScrollingBattleText - Download - MSBT is designed to be an extremely lightweight, efficient, and highly configurable mod that makes it easier to see combat information by scrolling the information on the screen in separate, dynamically creatable scroll areas.
  37. Minimap Button Frame (MBF)* - Download - MBF gathers all of your addon minimap buttons into one movable frame.
  38. MultiMail - Download Multimail - A mass mailer for guilds, friends, and arena teams. Mass mail to guild ranks, friends, teams, saved lists, or any combination of level, class, even time online.
  39. OneBag3* - Download - A pretty nice looking addon that combines all your bags into one frame.
  40. OneBank3* Download - Same as above but for "bank bags"
  41. Overachiever - Download - Tools and tweaks to make the lives of players seeking Achievements a little bit easier.
  42. Peggle* - Download - A VERY nice game (kinda like Bejeweled) from PopCap Guild with MANY fun and practical features.
  43. PetsPlus - Download - PetsPlus makes your non-combat follow pets / companions more interactive by adding a happiness indicator and reputation to each pet in your collection!
  44. Postal* - Download - Improves the ingame mailboxes/postal system GREATLY
  45. Quartz* Download - A (really) nice looking spellcasting bar addon
  46. QuestHelper Download ? - This addon USED to help A LOT for leveling up (doing quests), but is not that useful anymore because of the in game quest "helper" system. It may even give errors and such.
  47. QuickMark* - Download QuickMark allows you to set the raid target icon of units quickly rather than having to go through the right-click menu or create keybindings.
  48. RatingBuster - Download - Allows you to see what gear to pick more easily. Converts an items stats into their "concrete versions"; what they will bring you (such as Attack/Spell Power). Also shows you how much you would lose and or win stats by equipping an item.
  49. Recount Download - It keeps track of the dps/healing/damage taken and other statistics of your whole group. VERY useful for instances/raids
  50. Sexy Map - Download - As the name says, makes your minimap look sexier.
  51. Shadowed Unit Frames - Download - A very popular addon due to it's easy, but potentially efficient configurations. As many more elaborate unit frame addons, you can make it completely your own.
  52. SimpleUnitFrames - Download - This unit frames addon is different in the way that it stays true to WoW's default unit frames, only tweaking them a bit.
  53. SpeakingSpell - Download - Funny and/or useful. SpeakinSpell randomly speaks (on your behalf) something clever/funny when you perform actions (which actions trigger and what they trigger is configurable) for example in 5-man dungeons. One example would be to tease a person who has died when you resurrect him by saying something like: "Aaah... Dead again, x (name of the dead person)?", etc...
        However, it also has a far more useful possible uses, such as automatically informing your arena partner when you are cc'd (crowd controlled) or to tell your raid when you got an important buff/debuff.
  54. Tetra - Download - Kinda like Tetris, but in WoW. Makes time fly when you are for example flying.
  55. Tidy PlateDownload - A cleaner, smaller and prettier remake of WoW's original name plates (health bars).
  56. Total RP - Download - A MUST HAVE!* for any Role-Player (especially useful for role-playing guilds). "It allow you to give more information to your character, like first and last names, title, age, origin, physical description, alignment and even mood + A LOT MORE."
  57. TriviaBot - Download - TriviaBot allows its user to host quiz games for other players through different chat channels, such as a party chat, a guild chat, or a private channel.
  58. WorldExplorer* Download - Shows you all the unexplored areas on your map. Great for getting the Explorer title and the achievements that go with it.
  59. WoWVid - Download -  DOESN'T WORK!!! An addon that allows you to play videos in-game (WoW)!
  60. WoW Texas Holdem - Download - Play Texas Holdem in-game (WoW)!
  61. WIM* Download - An addon that makes whispering people in WoW SO much easier. It brings the MSN's and Skype's instant messaging feel to WoW (WoW Instant Messaging). It also keeps track of your whisper conversations (configurable), and allows you to access to your "History" where you can go through them.
  62. XLoot* - Download - A nice looking built-in loot frame remake.
  63. X-Perl Unitframes Download - A nice looking unitframe addon that some think as a must have for raiding.
  64. Zoom!!!* - Download - Zoom!!! makes your UI load faster by preventing garbage collection during the UI load cycle.

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