Friday, January 17, 2014

Addon List (WoW 4.3.4)

This list of WoW addons supports all 4.3.4 servers, including but not limited to all Molten-WoW's Cataclysm ones.

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(All addons followed by * have a review)
  1. Addon Control Panel* Download - The most popular in-game addon manager.
  2. Altoholic Download - The most popular "alt" management addon.
  3. Bagnon Download - The most popular bag utility addon. It merges all of the bags into a single frame (bank/inventory/others).
  4. Bartender4* Download - The most popular action bar replacement addon, with tons of features.
  5. Deadly Boss Mods Download - DBM is a feature-filled PvE centered addon that gives relevant information for dungeons and raids.
  6. Fishing Buddy Download - A fishing addon that keeps track of your catches.
  7. GTFO Download - GTFO notifies the user with an audible alert when you're standing in something that's not good for you, like fire.
  8. Grid Download - A lightweight and space efficient party/raid group interface.
  9. Healbot Continued Download - The most popular healing aiding addon with many features.
  10. LoseControl Download - LoseControl displays CC icons and duration on top of your player, pet, target, focus, party, and arena enemy frames.
  11. Masque Download - Masque is a dynamic button re-skinning addon, often downloaded with Bartender4.
  12. MoveAnything Download - A lightweight mod that allows you to move, hide, scale and adjust pretty much every part of WoW's user interface.
  13. MikScrollingBattleText Download - A lightweight addon that neatly and efficiently shows damage done.
  14. Omen Threat Meter Download - Omen Threat Meter is what the name implies, a threat meter. It gives relevant information on aggro and threat levels, making healers' and tanks' lives easier.
  15. OmniCC Download - Provides cooldown indicator text on abilities, items and others.
  16. PlayerScore Download - Provides important and useful information on players and their gear, talents, stats and others.
  17. Postal Download - Postal improves the in-game mail system with its many features.
  18. Prat 3 Download - Prat 3 is the best chat enhancement addon.
  19. Quartz Download - One of the best and most popular re-make of WoW's cast bars (tons of features and customization).
  20. Recount Download - The most popular graphical damage meter with all kinds of useful features.
  21. SellJunk Download - SellJunk automatically sells all "junk" items to vendors (grays + custom selections).
  22. SexyMap Download - The most popular map replacement addon, with tons of features and extra sexiness.
  23. Shadowed Unit Frames Download - Most popular graphical damage meter with all kinds of useful features.
  24. TellMeWhen Download - TellMeWhen offers notifications on cooldowns and buffs in audio, visual and text format.
  25. Tidy Plates Download - A visually appealing remake of WoW's health bars (nameplates).
  26. TipTac Download - Enhances your tooltip with a visual improvement and various customizable adjustments.
  27. TipTacTalents Download - An immensely useful plugin for TipTac, which shows the target's talents.
  28. Titan Panel Download - Titan Panel provides extremely useful information in a bar at the top of your screen.
  29. WIM Download - The most popular WoW "instant messaging" addon for enhancing conversations through whispers (/w).

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